A bit of History

Prince Frogon needs your help! Our King, Dramonigus, heir of the Kingdom of the Dragons, who fled with his beloved one, has been captured by his father, the King of the Dragons, Beliorum. We need to free him, for which reason we need an army!!

Everyone knows what frogs are, right? Well then, Tiny Frogs are a subspecies of the frogs we know, which coeixist with other tiny beings, like pigs or dogs, even mythical creatures such as fairies, dragons or orcs...! They all live in the Tiny World, an ancient world, hidden underneath ours! We only recently discovered it because the Tiny Frogs' Prince, Frogon, decided to send us a letter asking for our help in their cause: In order to defeat the Dragons and bring Dramonigus back home safely, they need to overpower them, and their best bet is outnumbering their ranks. This where you can help their cause: by minting a Tiny Frog, it is added to the army's ranks, and thus, will help rescue the King


We are a modest team that have been working hard to make this happen. We are a group of cryptospace Enthusiasts willing to learn and enjoy creating this project and help as many people as we can when we sell our TinyFrogs

Riot the Artist

Riot is our Artist. She is graduate on Degree in Design by prestigeous Elisava University in Barcelona. She created every one of the hundreds details of the whole collection.

Maxus the Coder

Skilled senior programmer on Javascript has created his own combinatory layers system and unique DNA system to guarantee that every single TinyFrog is completly UNIQUE

Lembo BlockChain Expert

With several years working with crypto and graduated on BlockChain Technologies Expert course by UNIR University (La Rioja).He created SmartContracts and Web3 interface to link website and SmartContract.